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TheHedrons Musicweek 20Jan2007pg2
TheHedrons SoS 24 Dec 2006 No2
TheHedrons SunReview 02Feb2007
TheHedrons SunMail AlbumReview 04Feb2007
TheHedrons SunFeature 02Feb2007
TheHedrons SunMail BillySloan 04Feb2007
TheHedrons Musicweek 20Jan2007pg3
TheHedrons TheHerald 03Feb2007
TheHedrons SundayMail Jan7th 2007
TheHedrons Notion March 2007
TheHedrons SoS 24 Dec 2006 No1
TheHedrons Musicweek 20Jan2007pg1
TheHedrons Rocksound Feb07
TheHedrons Scotsman 02Feb2007
TheHedrons Powerplay Feb 2007
TheHedrons MusicMart Feature Feb2007
TheHedrons List 01Feb2007
TheHedrons MusicMart AlbumReview Feb2007
TheHedrons MOJO Mar2007
TheHedrons Metro 08Jan2007
TheHedrons List 08Jan2007
TheHedrons Metal Hammer Feb 2007
TheHedrons Kerrang Feb07
TheHedrons Clash Jan07
TheHedrons DailyRecord 02Feb2007
TheHedrons FHM Feb07(2)
TheHedrons Billboard 16Dec2006
TheHedrons VenueMag 28thJul2006
TheHedrons TheFly Aug2006
TheHedrons SunTimes Culture 30Jul2006
TheHedrons SunTimes 30Jul2006
TheHedrons SunMail 6th Aug 2006
TheHedrons Spill Nov 2006
TheHedrons Spill Goldie 25Jul2006
TheHedrons Rocksound Jan2007 Hot 100
TheHedrons Spill 25Jul2006
TheHedrons RockSound Aug2006
TheHedrons MusicWeek 26Aug2006
TheHedrons NOTW 30Jul2006
TheHedrons NOTW 12 Nov 2006
TheHedrons LeicesterMerc 06Jul2006
TheHedrons Independent 26Oct2006
TheHedrons Guardian 07Oct2006
The Hedrons BhamMail 21stJul2006
TheHedrons EveTimes 29Aug2006
Hedrons Daily Record Razz 28 July 2006
Hedrons Rocksound June06
Hedrons Kerrang June 17
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