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New Album - Tired of Taking
Released 24th Nov 2023

The writing's on the wall. 16 years on from their debut, The Hedrons are back with 'Tired of Taking'. It's been a long time coming but boy will it be worth the wait as Tippi, Rosie, Gill, and Soup return with 10 amped up slices of full force rock.

The album is out on 24th November and is available for pre-order now.

Live launch info to follow so keep an eye out! It'll be one not to miss!

Link to pre-order.

The album will be released with Glasgow label Last Night From Glasgow, who previously released the first ever vinyl version of One More Won't Kill Us.

"Self-assured and deliciously energising...The Hedrons debut is a pedal-to-the-metal affair of great promise." MOJO

"Unashamedly authentic four-piece female rock and rollers" THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

"Raucous rock n roll with a huge pinch of glam has rarely been done so well." FUSE


One More Won't Kill Us 

15th Anniversary Vinyl Album Release


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We are delighted to announce that The Hedrons debut album 'One More Won't Kill Us' will be released on vinyl for the first time with Scottish label Past Night From Glasgow.


Originally released in February 2007, The Hedrons debut album was a scintillating shimmering slice of girl punk. The band were formed in 2005 and enjoyed an almost meteoric rise to fame, they played shows with The Sex Pistols and The Rolling Stones, enjoyed sizeable chart success in Scotland and appeared at numerous international festivals.

PNFG are delighted to bring you this Vinyl LP pressing of the debut album - One More Won't Kill Us.

Not only is this it's first ever appearance on vinyl but it is being repackaged and remastered with 2 bonus tracks (Bad Charm & Dear Thomas) It will be prepared on 4 flavours of vinyl.

  • Pea Soup's Green

  • Rose's Red

  • Gill's Gold

  • Tippi's Turquoise

The album was officially released in June 2022 and The Hedrons will perform live for the first time in over ten years at The Poetry Club, Glasgow on 22nd Oct 2022. Link for tickets

LINK to pre-order from PNFG


The Hedrons - Stream Re-mastered Digital Album
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